Saturday, April 19, 2014

About the Authors

Mary Walshok, Associate Vice Chancellor and Dean of Extension at UC San Diego

Mary Walshok, Ph.D. is an author, educator, job creation expert, dean of University Extension and associate vice chancellor for public programs at the University of California San Diego. She is a thought leader and subject matter expert on employability, career reinvention, and the new innovation economy.

As an industrial social scientist studying the dynamics of regional economic growth and transformation, Walshok has been pleasantly surprised by her visits to communities across America that most people rarely think of as pockets of innovation and transformation.

Many of these regions take advantage of federal stimulus funds; some are simply organizing at the regional level to re-purpose their existing industrial and commercial capabilities, re-skill their workforce, and restore their previously innovative and entrepreneurial know-how. Read more –>

Author and Silicon Valley economist Tapan Munroe

Tapan Munroe, Ph.D. is a recognized author, speaker, consultant and advisor in economics. His expertise includes regional economics, environmental economics, and high-tech industry analysis. His current research and writings focus on the economics of innovation and economies of the Silicon Valley and Bay Area and other high-tech regions.

A widely published author, Munroe has authored a book entitled Dot-com to Dot-bomb – Understanding the Dot-Com Boom, Bust and Resurgence. His previous book is entitled What Makes Silicon Valley Tick? published by Nova Vista Publications in May 2009. He has been a columnist on economic issues for the San Francisco Examiner and the Journal of Corporate Renewal.

He is also a columnist for several MediaNews papers including the Oakland Tribune, and the Contra Costa Times. He is a commentator on both regional and national radio and TV news programs including KRON-4 TV, KGO-7 TV, CNBC in Los Angeles and New York, the Dow Jones Investors Network and the Bloomberg News Service. Read more –>

Job and career expert Henry DeVries, assistant dean at UC San Diego Extension and a member of the marketing faculty

Henry DeVries, MBA
is a job and career expert who speaks to thousands of business owners and executives each year, teaching them how to grow their business and advance their careers. As assistant dean he has helped the continuing education arm of University of California San Diego grow enrollments in certificate programs by 44 percent in three years.

He is responsible for communications for 4,600 Extension classes that annually attract 54,000 people interested in career advancement. In addition he is the Jobs and Career section editor of the online news magazine San Diego News Network and the jobs and careers columnist for San Diego Metropolitan magazine.

Along with his books — Self-Marketing Secrets and Pain Killer Marketing — the tools of DeVries have been used to dramatically advance careers and increase revenue for businesses for more than a decade. He has teaching appointments at three California universities and has taught marketing to entrepreneurs at Columbia University and many national conferences.